বৈশিষ্ট্যযুক্ত পোস্ট

Me, myself and I

Hello, My name isSumon .
➤I'm 22years old.
➤I'm a white hat person.
➤I'm live in Chittagong.
➤I'm studyingBSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at IIUC
I'm working as an IT editor at

➤I drink a lot of coffee and Tea.
➤I like sports, especially like cricket.
➤Always prefer to wear T-Shirts and jeans
➤I have no driving license but I drive bike every day.
➤I get a few hundred emails per month (excluding spam) but only answer a few dozen.
➤I own about 50 books but I read much more.
➤I'm a business person, I like many ideas about online business.
➤I'm not a public talker but I like an intelligent person.
➤I can't believe how hard it is to make the list of items about myself.
➤I love to take photographs

➤I like Badminton.
➤I'm an information junkie.
➤I'm Sunni.
➤My eyes are clear to see everything.
➤Most people don't like most of the music I like.
➤I consider stock trading as gambling but sometimes wonder if I should invest.
➤I'm often imp…